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" I have experienced the transformational work of Bill Green during what could be described as three life phases. Years ago when starting his practice I was the happy guinea pig. Even then, I sensed he had found his life's work as a healer. During the 2nd Phase, he worked on an old knee injury while also addressing my posture challenges. I experienced immediate changes in the way I hold myself and the way I walk. During the 3rd and most recent Phase he has gently cared for a new and severe knee injury (the other knee!). He approached what felt like a "dead" joint to me and gracefully re-integrated it with my body. I cannot overstate Bill's grace, professionalism and adeptness of the Rolfing method."


                                                                                                             -Angie K.

"I didn’t really know what body work was, but one of my good friends kept extolling Bill’s virtues and claiming he was a “miracle worker!” So, when I came to Houston for a visit, I scheduled an appointment.  I yoga. I pilates. I run. I’ve chiropractored. I’ve acupunctured. But I have never felt my muscles and body so aligned as I did after that first session. It was somehow as if my body was whole again, and I didn’t even know that it wasn’t! So when I came back to town for a quick visit, I scheduled a double session where Bill really started going in-depth with some of my body’s major issues. He’s gentle, soft-spoken, immediately puts you at ease, explains everything, answers any questions and checks in with you throughout the entire session to make sure you are ok. The office is nice, clean and calming. I can’t believe I’ve missed out on this for so long! I can’t wait to go back! 


                                                                                                             -Lexy B

"Working with Anna has been far and beyond my expectations.   As a professional yoga instructor delving into the therapeutic aspects of yoga asana, I was astonished after my first session.  Curious to make the investment for me and for my livelihood as I consider this type of work "prehab health insurance", it was clear that I had work to do with my body as it was far from aligned.  

Here are a few of the realizations I had:

After the 2nd session, I noticed I was sleeping better, did not wake up tired and normal morning stretches were unnecessary, as my body didn't crave them.

After the 3rd session, I woke up with zero tension in my body! (I knew I was hooked and started recommending her work to many of the regulars in my yoga classes.

After the 4th session, I was happier.  Plain and simple.  My mood was noticeably lighter.

After the 5th session I noticed I could handstand and move/ flow and truly articulate my body, as it never had before.

By the 7th session I felt strong and fluid like water.  Being able to release so much energy in my physical body just felt SO good.

Now as I've done all 10 sessions, my alignment is straighter, stronger and more fluid as it's never been before.  

I would *highly* recommend this work from Anna.  She's an authentic person who is truly tapping in and healing with her heart and soul."  


Blessings to your health,

Larry J. Thraen

Founder; The Yoga of You 

"My name is Lex.  I am 13 and I did the Ten Series. I was experiencing knee and heel pain when I would play sports. My mom and I came to Anna hoping that this would go away, and it did by about the third or fourth session. My body also looks more upright and my body feels more relaxed and loose.  I haven't experienced pain from body parts since I finished the Ten Series!  During the sessions I could feel some pain, but it wasn't that bad, and after the session my body felt good and relaxed.  I think its pretty amazing how Anna could just get rid of my knee and heel problems throughout the Ten Series, and I am very grateful that I completed it. Anna is a very outgoing, nice, fun person and she helped out my body greatly."



"I am so grateful that Anna has been by my side to guide and support me through this journey.  Through her skilled work, my quality of life as a working mom significantly improved.  I was able to feel pain free, stronger, and energized each day.  This helped me in all aspects of life, especially with running after a toddler.  The confidence from feeling good in my body made me feel ready to have another baby.  Throughout my second pregnancy, Anna helped me adjust to the ever changing demands of my body.  After we welcomed our second child to this world, Anna was the one that nurtured me through the healing process so that my body could feel whole again.    
Although I’ve worked with various professionals, I trust my body in Anna’s care."

-Pattie Lee

"Anna and Bill have crafted a singular magic that has not been readily available, until now.

Both gifted practitioners in their own right, however, the synergy that results from their 4 handed work together speaks to the marriage of skill, intuition and experience.

In a silent choreograph, these two moved slowly, dance-like around the table; two hands, three, then four hands on my body.  Working, guiding, kneading, probing; reaching into the lost places of me where bone, sinew, and muscle intersect.  With skillful insight, compassionate hands and gentle directives, my body yielded and they realigned and remembered me home.

Afterwards, upon standing, I found myself unsteady initially, in this newly molded self; like a spindle legged fresh born foal rising for the first time.  As the moments passed and I found a new way of being embodied, I discovered myself to be refreshed, expanded, taller, revitalized and deeply grounded in both the temple of my body and spirit of my heart.

The blessing of this work continues to reverberate long after having left Anna and Bill's table.  To treat oneself to this 4 handed session is not only self honoring to the physical form, but a must in order to continue the journey back to Soul."


                                                                                                             -The Light Rider/Christin Staszesky Harper

                                                                                                               Lifetime Horse Listener and Yoga Teacher

My only regret is that I did not find Anna sooner! I had heard rumors of Structural Integration previously: that it was painful, forceful and I envisioned bones popping… This could not be further from the truth and experience I received. 
With Anna I felt fully seen, cared for and safe. Her technical experience and intuitive nature allowed me to release old worn patterns, literally lengthening my limbs and opening my eyes to circumstances, emotions and positions of my life that needed attention. I will always consider Anna a true healer and friend, and I am endlessly grateful I took the leap to receive this incredible healing practice. THANK YOU ANNA! You allowed me the strength that comes from ease.

                                                                                                         -Sophia Brauns 

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