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I have enjoyed a lifelong inquiry regarding the relationship between mental states and the physical body. This interest led my studies in psychology and comparative religion at the College of Charleston. 

My personal journey has included the activation of flow states in extreme sports, exploration of plant medicines to enhance mental and physical well being and various meditation practices.  The integration of these experiences into everyday life is the keystone which connects us to our innate abilities of self actualization. 


I studied the Rolf Method of Structural Integration at the Crestone College of Structural Integration in Crestone, Colorado under the guidance and expertise of Buddy Frank and David Davis. I am certified by the International Association of Structural Integrators and certified as a Health and Wellness Practitioner through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. 

I continue to explore the mind/body connection through my personal practices, through helping my clients in their own personal transformations and by offering workshops to groups interested in these subjects. 

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